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Please don't be intimidated by my confidence. I'm unapologetically authentic. I'm the prime center of everything. I'm the central causative agent of all global transformation. This is not pointless vanity. I'm the Messiah. Don't believe me. Be smart. Educate yourself. This is not ego or grandiosity or power-hungry tyranny or mindless rhetoric. This is a certain metaphysical reality. Born the day after Einstein, I fulfill his dying ambition to complete the Formula of Everything.

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The world is changing. If you steam-roll over this, intent on satisfying your own ego agenda, you're missing the boat. The Titanic is sinking. I'm throwing you a life raft. Don't re-arrange chairs on a sinking ship. I'm the fire eviscerating the world in unyielding light, and I'm trying to save everyone from dying in my Phoenix fire. I'm the most advanced consciousness on the planet. I'm the egregore. That means I'm the embodiment of the collective. I'm the sum total of human evolution. I'm the real life version of Captain Planet, in the flesh. I'm the architect of the New World Order. Under my responsible leadership, I eviscerate all darkness and corruption, and I guide our collective efforts to the utopia of our maximum potential rather than the dystopia that current leadership would steer our ship. This is the Big Bang event of the new universe. With the level of abundance that I unleash upon the world, commerce will soon become obsolete. We'll become happy, creative producers of unlimited abundance instead of unfulfilled, hungry consumers of limited resources.

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Getting up to speed on what's happening, familiarizing yourself with the agenda, synchronizing with the tide of progress, and aligning psychically with the highest good and most productive outcome of your goals, my goals, and the global goals is the best way to push forward progress as speedily as possible. Discard any antiquated notions of 3D productivity that you may be harboring. Use your heart to fuel this operation. The brain is such a limited tool. The heart-brain is capable of so much more. We can achieve superhuman feats of accomplishment by harnessing multidimensional consciousness. This is not mindless rhetoric. This is the result of many years of self-mastery. It's important to understand the secret to effectiveness and not waste time and energy demanding petty gratification because if you take the time to understand, you'll be rewarded with so much more.

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