What you see in me is a reflection of yourself. I hold up a mirror. I turn you inside out.
Exciting adventures of a rapidly evolving website. Have gratitude and appreciation.
Poisonous tentacles of the Venus Fly Trap
It's perfectly Biblical.
This is the most important thing in life.
The station of Pluto on April 29th at 28 degrees of Satan's Goat together with a solar eclipse on April 30th at 10 degrees of the Golden Bull unleashes…
It was all an elaborate hoax. They were testing me. They tricked me.
Money is a poor substitute for happiness. You're not donating to me. You're donating to yourself. I'm selfless. I amplify everything you give and return…
A masterpiece to top Beethoven, Mozart, and Einstein combined
DreamHost, I'm doing this for your benefit. You may not like it, but it's what you need.
I'm pregnant with an article. This is the first contraction.
May 22 broke the dividing line between 3D and 4D reality, and now everything 3D is crumbling (11:11 pm as I read this - doorway to the new world)